Changes not being pushed out & Conatiment on PC's not updating in the ITSM portal

Have added some file paths to the excluded in “File Groups Variables” these are not being pushed out fast enough, this is stopping the customer working.
**** How quickly should these changes be made to the end point?

When a file has been running in containment its not being updated quick enough in the ITSM “Security Sub-Systems”.
**** How quickly should these changes be seen in the portal?
Cheers James.

Experienced the same issue today with File Groups Variables, took about 45 mins to be pushed to a Win 7 PC. PC is one of many greyed out in the device list, even though it is online.

My containment list hasn’t updated since :2017/09/19 08:39:05 AM

Hello @dittoit ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can.

@nct ,

We need to further investigate this issue and we will get in touch with you shortly via email.

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Hi, @Jay I just checked my containment list from yesterday, I KNOW that a program was contained on a PC but this is not showing up in the list from yesterday? am I misunderstanding the list? or should ALL files appear in this list?

Cheers James.

Hello @dittoit

Thank you for reporting the case.

This is true, Administrators can view “all programs” that ran inside the container from the ‘Containment’ interface.
Please let us know if the concern is reproducible, we want to further investigate the issue and
we will continue assisting you through email.

We have the information that it actually depends on how fast profile will be applied.
Agent downloads new profile once per 24 hours. To push the profile it is enough to make any changes in it and save.

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