Changing comodo account name

Hello, I’ve changed the name of my company. Is there a way to update my comodo account name and email address without creating a new one?

@assistenza ,

We apologize, unfortunately modifying the email that was created upon sign up is not possible since all the C1 components will be registered on it.

Ok, if I create a new account, do I have to reinstall all agents ?

@assistenza, that is correct. As you need to rebuild from the beginning.


If you still control the email domain you registered with why not simply forward it to your new email address so that you get the notices and such and just keep using the old email address ID to login to the service. As far as changing the company name from a display standpoint you can change your company name and logo in the C1 portal via Management->Account menu.


@assistenza ,

@vitalsupport is correct. However, we do not strongly suggest email forwarding since we have not fully tested this environment and it will also post a risk in losing your C1 account.