Changing 'default' profile with existing devices

Hi, we have a mixed bag of devices using (assigned) either the c1 default profile or custom profiles / cloned profiles. What exactly will happen to the all the currently assigned profiles if we change one of the cloned defaults to be the ‘default’? I’m anticipating the next step of ‘cancelling’ the current default profile so that the custom profile will be the only one. My concern is whether or not the new default will be applied to everything.


@evoevoevo ,

Yes, once you have canceled the default profile, the existing added profile (whether custom or cloned) will be applied to all. You can go to Group management as well and review the existing profiles that you might not have recall getting attached previously.

So once a new default profile created (or made default) and an old default ‘cancelled’ - we would need to reapply any other profile AGAIN to the existing devices if we wanted those to retain their current profile?

@evoevoevo ,

No need. The added profiles will remain.

Default profile is a good thing to have as it allows added machines to be protected straight our the blocks, but I would suggest making profiles per company/group if you have specialist applications meaning you open fewer holes for all.

You can then assign the special profiles to groups, and moving computers into that group will apply the profiles.

Just an idea.

Thanks for the idea… I like the assigning profile to groups strategy, while the rest would just pick up the [new]default. I apologize for the questions, normally I would just try and see, but I’d rather not put myself into a position of panic just in case- - - - IF I’ve already have a custom profile assigned to a group, and assign a new default/cancel the default default---- will the new default be applied to that group, appended, or not associated at all?

Hi @evoevoevo ,

All devices which belong to that group will now be assigned with the New Default Profile that you created. These devices will now have the Custom Profile and the New Default Profile. Hope this clears things up.

so I would need to then go in an remove new default from all the ones I wish to have custom profile-- thank you… .I understand too that the more restrictive ‘setting’ wins if there is conflict. . . Thank you very much!