Changing Mail Incoming and Outgoing Server

Hello, I want to change the account’s incoming and outgoing servers at once in Outlook installed on the endpoint.

hi @kadircihanyolcu

Do you want to change the outlook settings , if so you need to reach out to Microsoft support as Outlook application vendor.

@kadircihanyolcu are you requesting for a script to make this change?

yes @nct please, i want that script.

Hi @kadircihanyolcu ,

We will check with our script developer and provide you feedback about the feasibility of this request.
This is the internal task created for your reference - CS-55248.

Kind Regards,

Hi @kadircihanyolcu ,

Our script developer tried but unfortunately, there is no registry key that we can use to modify the settings of the incoming and outgoing servers of Outlook. there doesn’t seem to be any other support to change these settings through script. therefore, the script is not feasible.

KInd Regards,