Hi all a bill has appeared for $148 in the portal but i cant work out what exactly it is for, has anyone got any clues?

Hi @marknsg

The bill should be for the usage on your devices for the period 01/01/2020 until Bill date, this usage will be for devices that do not have a valid CCS/AEP license.

Hopefully this helps, but if you need help the forum is here and so are we.

Thanks for the reply, the thing that confused me is that this bill seems very low, when i click on buy endpoint manager and look at the prices it is showing they are 5 times more expensive than this or is this for a different product?

Hi @marknsg

This is more than likely for the antivirus solution from Comodo.
Drop me a message on and I’ll create you a support ticket and send you across a clean and clear pricing list that we as a distributor can offer you.


Hi @marknsg

We’re purchasing all our licences through StrobeTech and so far Robin has been extremely helpful,

After chatting with the rest of the team we decided to move anti virus providers, however we were going to carry on using the endpoint manager to install patches for windows and third party applications etc.

However when i have logged into the portal this morning all the machines that we have removed the antivirus from now have a red cross in them with a message saying ‘Disabled because current licences are not sufficient to access full functionality’

I was under the impression that this functionality was remaining free to use.

@marknsg Hi Mark that is not the case anymore. As robin said, that invoice for the usage of all active devices in January. The best thing to do right now for me to confirm why your features are disabled is to get on a call so you can share your screen with me. Are you available today?

When was this decision/change made? this sort of behaviour doesn’t exactly make us want to carry on using any Comodo products, if the rules keep getting changed without any notice, it was only last month that i checked what was happening the the patch management after the av went paid for.

@marknsg There was a notice sent to every Itarian user in October as well as EULA that was required to view before continue use of the platform at that time. We sent additional emails between Dec-Jan backed by red alerts with in your platform when you logged in. AV for use of businesses is and always was a paid product. I am sorry you feel this way but there is a lot of good that came out of this transition for our clients. I would at the very least want the opportunity to speak with you before you make a decision.

Hi @marknsg

Im sorry if my original email about invoices and usage was not clear for the ITarian platform.

For the platform Comodo provides security solutions which are and always have been a chargeable product with no real enforcement in the past which created confusion.

ITarian provides the management and monitoring platform, this used to be free but now is a chargeable product in one of two ways.

  1. Usage billing at the end of the month
  2. Pre paid license code for a set number of devices

Technically there is a 3rd way which is buying the AV as you then get RMM included for that device.

I hoe that makes more sense for you, and if you need help with pricing on anything ITarian or Comodo please let me know as we not only help explain but provide the licenses as we are a distributor.

My direct email is


Did you tries it from different IP?

This will not make any difference