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I know its bin asking a lot off times but we need a chat function to communicate with the remote client before we do remote control it.

The chat window should pop up in front so it has focus on the remote when a message is received

I think its a must have now a days. When can we expect this feature?

Hello @Itarian_FAN

We already have a feature request on going we will be creating a ticket and add you to the list of recipients. We will get back to you as soon as there is an update from our development team.

With best regards

I doubt it will be anytime soon… The roadmap for the rest of this year makes no mention of it.

It has been asked for a lot, but as @Ed_Johnson says it is not on this years road map.

They do have an app called numessage which might be integrated to do this. But it would need a desktop client as well as the current mobile one.

Another great looking app they have is nuwire

I think its one of the musthaves. I wish they can find the time to implement this feature.

Hi @Ed_Johnson , nuRD is a sister company that have started to make a set of tools for Web application development.

So far they have made nuwire and numessage using their platform.

Parts of Itarian will also run or be migrated to this in time as it allows faster development of applications etc.

I agree a simple additional DLL for chat functions inside Endpoint Manager would be perfect.

Hi @StrobeTech , Robin,

Would you mind If we will create a support ticket and add you on the loop as well?


Hi @Jay

Perfectly happy for this to happen.

Out of interest, now that you seem to use Service Desk for your support tickets are we able to get logins to view them?

Hi @StrobeTech, you may register for an account to view and check the status of your submitted ticket to ITarian support via

Hi @GabrielHD

The system will not allow me to register which is correct as I already have an account which is created by you.

For me to be able to access this account you have to go into users and then activate the account which should send me a password rest email.

Hi @StrobeTech,

Yes, this is true if you are an existing guest user in ITarian service desk. We have sent the verification email to you to activate your account.

No news about this question?

Hello @migueldp,

We have submitted a request to our product team for an update. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

Still no sound (1 1/2 year since topicstart) from a chat option… i need to send messages to the remote computer…so he/she can read that they need to enter their passwords or something else… without communication possibility its very difficult… and to open a notepad as a workaround is not that great… i want to send a message before entering a remote session… a nice knock knock on the door so the remote user can close his porn…(i mean his banking session offcourse ).

I noticed the Security profile i can send a std message and set a countdown but thats not the bomb. We need a chat Option windows from the Endpoint Manager and Create a new Service Request (Ticket) from the Endpoint manager… pls?

Hello @Itarian_FAN

Thanks for your request!

We are doing our stability tasks for remote connection and working on Android connection. We apologize for the delay but Chat Functionality is also in our priority feature list.

Meanwhile, to give notice to user before remote connection, there is a configuration part for remote control. (‘Configuration Templates’ > 'Profiles(click the profile name) > ‘Remote Control’).I believe these configurations can be helpful.

Best Regards
Product Management Team

Thanks, i already make use of the Notice before connecting but at some point this does not work correctly (after a reboot)… when user has a login screen in front… also User Switching is BigSur does not work with Remote Control…and the enduser cannot type something back they only can click cancel…

Dear all,

Chat is in the works!

Cannot give an ETA, but please bear with