Check and set system time


We used to use Kaseya and has a really handy set of scripts where the system time was polled to see how far if it was off from an NTP server, and if out, then the system time gets set, and as we work in an advertising business this was vital.

The scripts we used to use are located at: Kaseya Community (also attached)

Could this be written into an Comodo format please :slight_smile:

Ash (5.78 KB)

@awardelonex ,

We thank you for providing us with an input of your request. We have coordinated with our Script Developers for your request. We’ll provide you an output as soon as possible.

Hi @awardelonex

We will analyse your request and update you once it has been completed.

Thank you.

Hi @awardelonex

Please refer the attached JSON file to set the system time from the NTP server.

Please follow the below instruction for the script,

  1. Please Run the Script as System User have to configure the parameters before running the script.

Refer the following wiki for configuring parameters on ITSM,

Thank you

20180807-cloned-Update-the-windows-datetime-from-NTP-server.json (6.73 KB)

Hi thanks for this.
it appears to work, however upon more use sometimes switches the month and day around.

i.e. today was recorded down as 8th October 2018

@awardelonex ,

We appreciate you for sharing the output of your test. We have informed our Script Developers regarding the procedure and we’ll make sure to provide you an update

Hi @awardelonex

Sorry for the inconvenience, This error may occur due to system settings.

We have modified the script as per your comment.

please refer the below JSON file

Note: Still your are facing the same issue, we will assist you in session.

Let us know your feedback.

Thank you.

20180814-Get-and-set-NTP-time-in-endpoint.json (6.6 KB)

Hi thanks for the extra update.

Only issues I can find is it doens’t seem to respect daylight saving time.

i.e. here in the UK it is currently 15:00 but the procedure sets it to be 14:00.

@awardelonex ,

Our Script Developers have seen your request and are now anylzing this modification. An update will be provided to you of the results of their tests.

Hi @awardelonex

Refer the attached JSON for setting up the system time using NTP server,

Let us know your feedback,

Thank you

20180821-Set_system_time_using_ntp_server.json (6.67 KB)