Check for Dropbox running on end-point

Is there a possibility of getting some type of script that could check to see if the Windows Dropbox Sync client is running. Also, if the Dropbox Sync client is not running, get the script to start the Dropbox Sync client?

@yleclerc ,

We have informed our Script Developers of your request. We’ll provide you an update of their output as soon as possible.

Hello @yleclerc,

Good day. To check the Dropbox sync status is not at all possible on the windows platform. We are able to start the Dropbox sync through the attached .json file. Please let us know your feedback on the given script. Thank you (2.33 KB)

Hello @yleclerc ,

Our developers have done the changes in the script.

Kindly refer the attached json

Note: Run the script as Logged in user

Looking forward to your feedback.

20180827-DPBX.json (8.87 KB)