check harddisk for errors

is it somehow possible to check a harddisk(checkdisk) thorugh the console or to get a notification when the harddisk is starting to malfunction(s.m.a.r.t. notification).

thanks in advance

Hello @andref ,
You can create a Disk Health monitor which uses ‘Windows Management Instrumentation’ (WMI) to check if any ‘Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology’ (SMART) disks are reporting errors to the OS. A service desk ticket is generated if any errors are reported. Each time the policy above is broken, a new service desk ticket will be created automatically. Please find more details in the web guide:

@andref We are also going to add it to ITSM integrated monitors as well over next releases.

I do not see this disk monitor in the current release

Hi @caronet ,

We are planning to implement S.M.A.R.T monitors in Q2. We will keep you updated.


There should be added some critical features to be monitored like:

1- HDD actual size.
2- Avaliable space.
3- Current Temperature. Also set via monitoring the thresholds so an event can be raised if temperature is getting higher, this way call the customer or repair the damages for example.
4- Ability to connect to the manufacturer and check warranty, ex:

This seems to be an issue I think should be addressed, sooner rather than later. They released the ITSM, but did not get all the functions of the old admin console available through ITSM. If I want to log into my admin console, there I can set up a lot better policies, but then I have to basically work off 2 platforms, same things if I want to be able to update 3rd party apps, available through old patchmanagement, but not through ITSM. I feel there are some very powerful features that they seem to be putting off, integrating into the ITSM platform, that I feel are essential in our line of business. Even @Dylan is referencing the old console, to do things that can not be done through ITSM, or that reports to ITSM. I hope they get it figured out, and get it all on one playing field very soon. I do not think that you can use auto remediation through the old admin console. This is rally hindering certain features that make the software worth using, in my opinion.


All coming to ITSM, one by one :slight_smile: We are not going to settle for any less…

Could you tell me when SMART monitoring will be available?? I feel this is an urgent issue!!!


It is planned for Q2 release. until we release it as a monitor, you can use this script to run SMART check on devices.…-of-disk-drive


Thanks for the script, I left a reply on that page, for a slight improvement, that I feel will enhance the usefulness of the procedure.

You are always welcome!

Your request about “checking things with a script and creating alert on fail cases”, is great idea… and another feature that we are already working on :slight_smile:

We call it “Custom Monitors”. Its delivery is also planned in Q2.