Check if reboot is pending, If pending, schedule with a notification or force reboot

I feel a bit lame here as I feel like this should be doable with the existing library, but I’d just like to check if reboot is pending, If necessary, schedule with a notification or force reboot.

My primary goal is to do the force. i.e. Patch my servers without requiring restart, run the script during a maintenance window and reboot the servers. Easy, or so I thought.


Hi @artichoke

We will analyze and update the script request to you soon.


Hello @artichoke

Kindly, please refer the attached JSON ( ) file for your script request.
This script will reboot the endpoint if it has a pending reboot. Run this script as “Local System User”.

Here is the guide link to import JSON:

Kindly leave us your feedback.
Thank you.

20181023-Pending_reboot.json (1.88 KB)

Looks like the link to the JSON fails. When attempting to download it in Safari. You should take a look at that. I got it to download in Chrome and looking at it now, thanks.

@artichoke ,

I was able to download the file. Please check if you are logged in on our forums. If still fails please download the json file here. We’ve reported the download issue as well.

Looks like that was the issue, however the error did not provide any usable feedback. It did not say not authorized or not logged in it says “Invalid file Specified”, which sounds like a 404. Thanks again.


Hello @artichoke

Did you try in some other browsers? and please ensure that you are logged in. We are able to download it all the time. Kindly, please check with multiple browsers. If still the error persists, we will find another way to make it be reached to you.

Thank you.

Again, the problem was that I was not logged in. I would request/recommend that you work on the unavailable error as it is not clear from the error that the reason I could not download was because I was not logged in.


Don’t you worry @artichoke. We reached out to the forum backend team to find a suitable solution to address this situation.