Choose time on monitors check period

If I add a new monitor and choose to check every 4th hour… When will this start? From the time I create the monitor? Or from 00:00 in the night?

I would like to be able to choose start time… So it check every 4th hour from 07:00-17:00 in the day.

Hello @Noiden,

Good day. The monitor will start from the time you create the monitor.

At the moment, the ability to set a specific time to start and end for the monitor is not yet available. We have created a feature request to our developers to review your suggestion. We appreciate for sharing your ideas and we will keep you updated with the request via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you

I’d also like to see this implemented.

Hello @troaxis,

We will add you in the email update for this feature. We appreciate for letting us aware that you are interested in the mentioned feature. Thank you