Chromebook RMM compatability (Remote Monitoring Unattended)


Our company is growing and hiring new employees under BYOB policies, and are finding numerous new employees with Chromebooks. Since they perform strictly scheduled shift-work remotely, It is our policy to configure RMM unattended access on their machines to confirm they are not watching youtube videos / facebooking / etc… while they are supposed to be working.

At present (10/2/2018), Chromebooks are not compatible with any RMM unattended package I can think of. Even Google’s own Remote Desktop utility, which allows Chromebooks to remotely access unattended Windows and Macbook PCs, does not allow unattended access to their own Chromebook hardware. Does your roadmap for RMM include unattended compatibility with the slowly growing Chromebook segment?


Hi @nmaciver

I believe this is on the list, but due to other priorities is not going to be soon being honest. The guys at Comodo will have more information and I’m sure someone will reach out soon.

Hello @nmaciver,

“Feature Request: ITSM Support for Chromebook devices” is currently under review by our product team. We have submitted a request to them for an update. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

Thank you for your patience.

@Anna_C ,

 We're currently trying to manage 75 endpoints using ITSM. We're finding that our Chromebook-using employees are growing the more we hire staff from international markets, mostly due to cost savings, so I expect this need to get bigger the more staff we hire. Thank you!

@nmaciver ,

We thank you for your response. That is indeed great news. We’ll have this information added along with the other MSPs who requested the same Feature Functionality.