Clarify costs 50 free endpoints


On the Itarian site I see that the first 50 endpoints are free.

And you will be billed for every device over 50.
I know the cost will be cost neutral because the price for the client will be deducted from the additional module like CCS.

But for under 50 devices, the cliend and the CCS are free::

Can an accountmanager from Itarian confirm this?:
That you will only be billed for the devices over 50 endpoints and the first 50, inlcuding CCS, are free?


Can you

Can nobody at Itarian explain this from the site?
Regarding the EM it looks that the first 50 are free. And only the remaining EM above 50 will be billed.

Hi @ailan

There are 2 input fields in the price calculator because we wanted to show the benefit of cost-neutral model. As you can see, the second input field is for the number of endpoints which are already protected by Comodo, i.e if you have a valid AEP or EDR license. This picture says: if you have 53 devices that you’re managing on Itarian, and 50 of them have already a valid AEP/EDR license (which is purchased separately) then your Itarian cost will be $3.75.

Alternatively, if you would write 53 for the first field, but 0 for the second one, then you would get $66.25 in total.

I understand that’s not crystal clear at the moment from the presented page the AEP/EDR should have a valid license also for the 50 devices in your calculation. For this, we have requested a change on the page to add more explanation.

I hope that helps to clarify the calculation

Hi Fatih,


Yes, I know what was meant but it’s not very clear.
Just because it doesn’t says that after the 50 devices, let say: 51 device with EM and 51 devices with AEP/EDR, you will be billed fully for all the devices (even if it will be deducted later.)

I only wanted to point out that on the whole page it’s not mentioned anywhere.

Hope the page can be revised and make it more clear.