Client inventory list.

Please is there a way to generate a list of devices for each clients on the portal? What is currently available just generates a list of devices for all clients but i want to specify for a client not all.

Its quite urgent, thanks

Hello @kraneduper,

You may refer to the link below for generating a Managed Device Report. This will allow you to filter by the company.

Thank you and please let us know if it works for you.

Hello @Samuel_C

The report you are referring to isn’t an inventory report. It just lists the number of devices by type. The inventory report in the itsm portal lists the specific computers with their hardware info.

Hello @aoit,

We apologize that the suggestion for a Feature Request ‘Ability to generate reports per company’ has not yet been implemented. The product team balances many requests and at times tradeoffs need to be made. We have submitted a request to the product team for an updated time-frame. You can expect to hear back in less than 5 business days with an updated time-frame for implementation. We will also communicate with you shortly via email for the process in this feature request.

Thank you for your patience.

Pretty sure this has already been accepted as a feature request by Comodo.


We gladly welcome all Feature Functionality requests and especially ideas that would benefit the entire community of users.