Client Security Performance Impact

Anyone else noticing a HUGE performance impact after installing Client Security - specifically with browsing and loading website?

Prior to install in chrome or other browsers, if I browse to a website the browser is finished loading the site within 3-5 seconds (spinning wheel on tab signifying loading content comes to a stop)

After loading Client Security, it is much, much longer. I timed it and it takes 45-60 seconds for the same site to completely load with the initial ~10 seconds spinning and waiting before it even begins to show any of the site content.

Is this normal or is there a specific component of Client Security that can be adjusted to alleviate this slowness? Im testing the software out and there is no way I could deploy this to dozens of endpoints if the performance impact for basic web browsing is that much slower.

On the positive side, it has detected all of the malware samples so far that I have tested it with.

Which CCS version are you running?
I uninstalled it already and once it was removed the web browsing was back to normal.
I deployed it from Itarian RMM portal and then ran updates on the endpoint once it was installed.

I would be interested to know if you uninstall 12.8xxx and then install 12.6xxx do you experience the same issue?

I attempted to install the previous version but accidentally deployed 12.8 again. Just out of curiosity I tested web browsing after a restart of installing 12.8 and sites appear to load more normally now. No longer taking almost a minute they load in a few seconds. Not sure what the deal was before. I will continue to test with another machine just to be sure.

Please could you post updates here.

So I think I found the cause.

The machine I installed Client Security on had a secondary NIC - for some reason after Comodo installs, it must be attempting to check or use the secondary NIC on this machine which doesnt have an Internet connection. It seems like DNS lookups are taking a super long time for my web browsers when Comodo is installed and that NIC is enabled. If I disable that secondary NIC and keep Comodo installed the issue is fixed.

I dont know why it only seems to happen when Client Security is installed. When its removed browsing is fine even with that secondary NIC enabled. Oh well, at least I have identified the cause to not be a setting on Comodo. I would anticipate this not being an issue with most endpoints which is reassuring.