Client wants colleagues to see notification mails from tickets

Hi there,

Our client has requested that they want their other support colleagues to be in copy of mails sent or received when raising or responding to tickets from their custom service desk portal we created for them. What i mean is this: When they log into the portal and create a ticket, they want their colleagues to also receive the auto responder mail, receive replies on tickets and also responses on tickets. How can this be done? Thanks!

Hello @chales,

Adding additional email recipient or CC option on the SD is not yet available. We will send a request to our developers to possibly have this option included. Thank you

I actually figured how to do this…if the client can provide you a group email that has multiple emails linked to it, it’ll work perfectly. You register them with the group email and password setup instructions would be sent to everyone in that group email. But only one person has to set the password. After which all mails concerning tickets would be received by all parties in the group email. I just tried it now for two clients and it worked fine.

Hello @chales,

That is great, we appreciate for sharing this idea, having a group email is a very good option.