clients dont show up in rmm

i created 2 device groups, lets call them devicegroup A and B. I installed the agent on my own computer in device group A, also installed the RMM console at that computer. When opening the rmm console, i can see device group A and B with my computer in device group A. I also added computers in device group B, but those computers dont show up in the RMM console. The computers are grey in the device group part of ITSM. The active component AG is green. One computer has active component AG,AV and SB green. That one has also a blue status. When trying to remotely ‘take over’ one of those pc’s, i get a notification that is telling me the rmm agent isnt installed. When i check the MSI installation state, the state af all the mis’s are command in the queue or installation failed. Is it possible to figure out why the msi’s are still in the que or are failed?

Hello @andref ,

A blue status means that the computer is online (the agent is connected to your ITSM portal) and a grey status means that the devices are offline (turned off, don’t have an internet connection or agent-server connection is blocked). If the AG active component is green, that means that the device has the agent (COCC) installed. You can push the RMM agent on a ‘grey’ device, however the action will take place when the device will be back online (if the action won’t time out in the meantime), so probably you will have to wait for the next time when the devices will show up as online in the ITSM dashboard in order to see them in the RMM Admin Console as well.

Would it be possible to push the RMM agent on an online (blue) device that doesn’t show up in the RMM Admin console and let us know the outcome?

Halo Nick,

The grey clients are online, what could be causing the blocking? Also, how can i push the rmm agent?


Hello @andref ,

The RMM agent can be pushed on the devices enrolled in ITSM by using the ‘Install MSI / ITSM packages’ button. Regarding the devices that appear to be offline in the dashboard, we will contact you over email to troubleshoot the issue.