Clipboard Keystrokes

Connectwise control has a feature to send clipboard keystrokes to a system you connect to. This is useful to send passwords through to the remote login screen aka Windows Logon which doesnt support keyboard pasting. Any chance this is a feature in the works or one that can be done for Itarian Remote Access?

Hello @Jeanx ,

The ability to copy and paste on windows login screen in New Comodo Remote Control are still on our roadmap and is working to prioritize it with the others received.
Rest assured that we`ll post an update here on your post.


Yes, Please roll this out ASAP!! I cannot remember or transpose all of my passwords.

Hello @cfrake, we have also added you on the loop so that you will be updated in case the feature request is already available.

Thank you.

I would be interested in being notified on this one as well. Thanks!

@SavageIT ,

Certainly. We will keep you updated as well :slight_smile: