Close Ticket customer email notifcation?

When a ticket is created it is possible to have an automated response, based on an email template sent to the customer;

Is it possible to have an automated response when a ticket is closed?

I have seen the the AutoClose template, but this only sends emails to notify staff members, not customers.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@CraigK ,

Would this setting suffice your need?

Jimmy, thanks for your reply. Unless I am missing something this only works for staff, not for customers? :frowning: I want to be able to automatically notify customers their ticket has been closed.

Good day @CraigK ,

The feature is not yet present on the system. Good thing is, it is already shows in the roadmap and we will create a support ticket for you and add
it on the loop.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Jay :slight_smile:

Hello @CraigK , you are welcome.
Please reply on the associated support ticket at your convenience.
Thank you


Hi All,

with this update can we have a tick box next to the close ticket on update (or maybe change this to a drop down) so we can chose to send a close ticket reponse or not?

I ask as we do close some tickets with no response to the client if they have not replied after a couple chases etc. Another reason is for instance so clients might see this as spam, I love the feature of an auto reply saying we have your update, but had to disable it due to client moaning they got too many emails from our helpdesk.

@StrobeTech ,

Thank you for throwing out an improvement suggestion. We’ll put this in line with the general idea on this post. Thank you