Close Tickets API

Would someone confirm that this is the correct documentation for closing a Service Desk ticket via the API (…c/close-ticket). This documentation dose not match the rest of them that i have been using, get users, get tickets, post reply. if this is the correct documentation could you please explain where i would get ‘MspId’ and what is the link to post to. Thank you

Hello @tuplink ,

Thank you for sharing your experience on this.
We want to further check the case and support team we`ll send you an email shortly
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if you look at the Post Reply documentation it is HTTP:Post Email,ticketID, and Message to https://subdomain.domainname/clientapi/index.php?serviceName=ticketpostreply. my logic would be the api to close a ticket would be the close to this HTTP:Post Email,ticketID,status, and Message https://subdomain.domainname/clienta…iceName=ticketstatus however the close documentation dosnt even contain a URL to HTTP:Post to.

Hello @tuplink
We will forward your observation to the product development team. Just to err on the side of caution, we recommend that you reply to the support ticket created for your API inquiry.

Thank you.

for anyone that has this same question the POST URL is https://subdomain.domainname/clientapi/index.php?serviceName=closeTicket and it accepts ticketId, just like view ticket