CNAME for servicedesk url, or some other ability to make it easier to access?

I have reviewed some of the previous entries in this forum (some from 2015) & there was no positive resolution that I could find. I have tried testing out adding a CNAME (help/servicedesk/etc) for my domains & pointing it to, but whenever I try those it just comes up with instead. Is there any chance of doing this, or something like this these days?

Hi @abeNdorg,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have requested the back-end team to check on your query and provide the solution.

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Would be great if they allowed vanity domains via CNAME record, but as we’ve been asking for this for 6 years, I doubt they want to give us that level of white-label functionality. They probably want to keep their brand name visible.

Nothing like seeing something this old that looks to be still present. Any update on this?

Dear All,

ITarian does not support this for Service Desk or any other part of our product.

Currently this is not logged either as a feature request. If you would like to get this added as a feature please log this at were it can be tracked, voted on and more.

Thinking on a different approach for this.

If you had a subdomain of say

You could publish a http redirect script, htaccess rule of something similar to route the traffic to the Service Desk URL; but this will not show in the address bar once redirected.

Back in 21’ I did try a redirect (html & cname) & both were met with https invalid issues or it would just come up with base & not the servicedesk page. Perhaps you could test & publish a working method?

Hi @abeNdorg

Unfortunately this is not yet something supported by the platform for CNAME so you can have branded URLs for instance.

But a web page re-direction script using PHP, JS or htaccess rule on your Apache hosting service would do this as it is not asking us to accept your wanted address but instead your telling the browser to navigate to a different URL.

Below is a document I found quickly on this.
How to Redirect a Web Page in HTML (