COCS customization through profiles

This is becoming a bit of a struggle, and most likely a lack of familiarity with how it works is the impediment.

What I am trying to do is include a stripped down COCS implementation - no firewall, sandbox HIPS etc. via enrollment.

When I have tried this previously by making an MSI package I ended up with a full COCS install, which is too much too soon.

It looks like I can create a profile with just the COCS AV, yet applying the profile to a device does not include COCS after enrollment.

What step(s) am I missing?

Hello @Pablo ,

The option to attach a profile during Bulk Installation Package is there to allow you to shape CCS, when using that particular installer on Offline machines (and by offline we mean machines that are not connected to the Internet at all).

If the machine is connected to the Internet, then when running the bulk installation package, it will communicate with ITSM and get the Default Profile from the Console.
The profile that was initially attached to the bulk installer becomes redundant.

That being said there are two possible solutions:

  1. Go to Configuration Templates > Profiles > Default profiles and make sure that you have only one Default profile for Windows devices, that contains Only AV settings.
  2. Create a Group of Devices under Devices > Devices Groups, associate on this group a profile that has only AV settings and generate a new Bulk Installation Package that sends newly enrolled device directly into that Group.