Combine license on 2 account

-I have 1 account control 6 key ESM each key have 10 node and another account 2 key, I want to combine them into one account because on ESM can only use 1 not 2 account at the same time. Anyone can help me comodo subscriptions support me too long over a week and it not be done

Hi @salinda We will continue working on the ticket created for this issue, rest assure that it will be resolve as soon as possible.

Hi, as your guide i sent email to subcriptions department and they deactive 2 key of my license then they asked me to send email to to receive new key but over 1 week ago no email reply. How could i contact them? Please help this case is so long.

Hi @salinda,

The ticket is still currently under investigation. You can reach the subscriptions department regarding your licenses through:

Thank you.

Subscription asked me to contact to i did but over a week they didnt reply me?

Hi @salinda,

We will communicate with the subscriptions team and request they send an email regarding the progress of your request.

Thank you.


subcriptions refunds 2 key, how can i get them back i sent email to as your request but no one reply? please help

Hi @salinda,

We will forward your concern with the subscriptions team regarding the progress of your request.

Thank you.

Hi i didnt still receive your support.

i sent already but not still received reply

Hello @salinda ,

We will also make a follow up for your convenience.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,

Hi anything news about my case?

Hi @salinda ,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience it caused. We’ve already forwarded your case to proper department and they’re currently working on it.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

a month passed from the first post, anyone can tell me where are we? when will you finish?..

Hello @salinda,
Thank you for letting us know on the other hand,
we are aware of the situation and
rest assured that we are working very hard to resolve this
issue as quickly as possible.
We will coordinate with you via email/call again for
any update at your convenience regarding this issue.



I want an answer not waiting, please. At least you can give me a deadline. I have to wait over a month.

Hello @salinda,

Based on our records, transactions made on the 13th of July have already been refunded. Kindly contact, or for further clarification on these transactions.

Thank you.

i told you already i sent them dozen emails but no one reply

@salinda ,

We are unhappy that his issue had been unresolved yet. I have sent an escalation case for the resolution of this case as soon a possible. Rest assured that we have contacted all necessary departments to aid us on this matter.