Combine/merge tickets?

Is there an ability to merge/combine tickets? I don’t see it when I do a search in the help section.

We all know users can tend to shoot off a new email to the ticket system for a current issues instead of replying to the existing ticket email. How is this handled?



We will contact you via e-mail in order to keep you updated on the progress made regarding your request.

I am trying to find out the same thing. How do I combine/merge tickets? Thanks

Looking forward to merging tickets and turning multiple tickets into a thread.

This is a extremely wanted feature that is not even in the original osTicket yet.

After getting this done an ability to split a ticket would also be great.

We work as 1 ticket is 1 issue, but clients often wait until they have two or three issues and list them in one email to the helpdesk system.

Hi @StrobeTech
We added your suggestion in the existing feature request ticket to make sure that it can also cover scenarios wherein the ticket refers to multiple issues of different subjects.

To the others:
Based on the updated product roadmap, the planned release of this feature has been moved to Q2 2018. This is in lieu of the prioritized stability updates that will be coming soon to the C1 platform.