Command prompt remotely

Hi All,

I’m new to the comodo one platform. Was using solarwinds before. Is there a way to automatically launch command prompt remotly? before we had a cmd windows which connected to the end machine and I could run powershell and cmd commands.

Is this possible?

Nope it doesnt exist, yet (i hope).

Hi @monster-it, @dittoit ,

We have been informed that " ability to access cmd and file transfers without having to remote into the machine " has been scheduled for Q2 2018. We will reach back to you with more information regarding the development progress as soon as possible.

If you have the admin console, superior tool in my opinion, there is the shell execute tab. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I will not use the new remote control over the old Admin console, likely ever, unless they really give it some power.

Hi @BOSS ,

Yes, you are right, old RMM was really powerful on remote capabilities and CRC have just started with remote access for now. But now we have a dedicated team only for arming CRC with whole range of remote capabilities like file transfer, remote command line, shell script execution, windows task& service & process monitors etc. We will release most of them within 2018!

Ahmet Enes

awesome, hop that includes a mobile app to do this too.

Nice, I will be looking forward to it!!


Exactly! @monster-it , Our development team have already started investigation on remote control over mobile apps, but as you can imagine it’s a very fundamental development and most probably will be done right after we enrich the core functions of CRC.

Stay tuned for all great news,


I’m still using the old RMM for the majority of my support functions as the shell execute module is just so useful when diagnosing issues. Once this part is implemented into CRC, that will be the point when i switch between the 2 full time.

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

We truly appreciate your feedback. Our Developers are currently working on it and they’re doing their best to make these features available within 2018.

Where can I download a copy of the old RMM (Technician’s Console)? EVERYthing is stripped out of the new. . . .

Hi @evoevoevo
The unavailability of the (old) RMM executables/MSIs from the C1 platform is mainly due to its decommissioning process. We will consult with the product development team if we can extend further assistance for your concern.

It is still a superior tool. Could you also let them know that I can not open the old admin console from the rmm anymore please?? I have to open the console manually. Like I have said, I use the admin console exclusively, if at all possible. Thanks

Currently, @BOSS , you can only open the old RMM Admin Console manually launching it (as a by-product of the decommissioning).

So if anyone can send me a link to the old rmm admin console - even if I use it manually for now, I’d appreciate it. … I’m new to the platform, and have a lot of one-off tasks to do to a few devices (which use of their command prompt would greatly assist)… ANYthing that can be done in parallel of the client using their computer without ‘full takeover’ is key… This process has forced me to look into running procedures in the current version, but in addition to what I"m looking for not being there, I’d like to be able to see the process execute myself rather than sending a procedure and guessing if it went, if it executed, worked etc. . . .

I’m also looking into learning a little Python now, if anyone has any good training resource links to pass along. . .


Hello @evoevoevo,

We have already sent your request to our development team about the link to the old RMM. We will reach back to you as soon as updates are available.

Thank you for your patience.

I thought decommission was not going to happen, until all features were integrated?? This is a far superior tool, and almost always connects, even when the other way does not. I would also encourage you to leave a second way to log in, as the admin console has been great. And I understand that the Admin Console in not fully decommissioned yet, but I really feel that you are starting to remove it before the other integration is even close to being remotely close to the features that the Admin console has.

If you can not install it from the RMM page, you can not install it for your clients. It really is a far superior tool, in my opinion, and will hate to see it go, unless they can work some magic on the sub-par tool they are moving to. For example, I monitor and kill processes from the old Admin console many times a day, but the new way does not have that option. This is critical, especially when trying to troubleshoot under user profiles that do not have permissions to see all the processes running. I also like the way it pulls the system inventory, easy to copy and paste into a word doc, and have detailed list on my systems. I would like to have a reporting tool that will pull the info and put in into word docs, or excel sheets, but as far as I know, it is not to my liking.