CommitCRM <-> Comodo One integration?

I was wondering if I could suggest a CommitCRM/Comodo One integration, or at the very least is it possible to:

  1. Configure monitor alerts to go to an external helpdesk email address – instead of opening a ticket in ServiceDesk on C1? (if we went to CommitCRM I’d disable access to ServiceDesk for my techs in the C1 portal just to prevent any confusion).

  2. Disable “submit a ticket” in the Comodo One tray icon, or at least have anything it generates go to the email address of an external ticketing system (ie CommitCRM or another)?

I think that’s really all that would be necessary; some kind of asset sync would be really nice also but not that necessary.

It looks like a pretty good product for those who want a beefier PSA type solution than what is built into C1 at the moment.

Hello @indieserve,

Thank you for sharing your ideas, I will create a service ticket for your request and inform our developers as well for them to work on this matter. We will update you via email once our developers send us an update with your request. Thank you

Ok – I’m not necessarily requesting CommitCRM integration, though it does seem to be a reasonably priced CRM a lot of people seem happy with, but I’m sure the Comodo one will mature in time, that said, it would be nice if C1 could be more easily integrated with any existing ticketing system by targeting where the monitoring notifications go (I think that’s all that you’d really need to do). Maybe an API for syncing customer/user/device info.

Thanks again.

Hi @indieserve
I went ahead and added your clarification to the feature request. Thank you for the suggestions.

Another pretty mature and reasonably priced PSA for the MSP space would be RepairShopr. It would be great to see some kind of integration with this (device -> asset sync, customer / device owner sync, perhaps the ability to launch a Comodo remote session from within RepairShopr), and the ability to have device alerts open tickets in RepairShopr, and Comodo Client opened tickets to email into RepairShopr. I realize you guys are working on an integrated CRM system and I’m not saying you should abandon that at all, but having integrations would likely make Comodo a more attractive platform in general, since some people are stuck on their particular PSA or want a mature level of functionality which it seems RepairShopr has (CRM/invoicing/ticketing/asset tracking/etc. specifically for MSPs and computer shops).

The ticketing integration would be pretty easy, mostly just repointing the email alerts and the Comodo Client ticket submission emails… the device / customer syncing would be more work of course.

Hi @indieserve
We again appended your feature request ticket with your new suggestions. Our thanks to you.

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For reference purposes, listed below is/are the Kayako/JIRA ticket(s) created for indieserve’s concern.

Kayako: GRC-930-93643

JIRA: CS-6339