Communication Client desktop shortcut

How do you get a desktop shortcut to open the submit ticket screen?

I know if you add settings as an argument it will open the options screen, i.e. \ITSMAgent.exe" settings as the target, but I can`t work out the argument to open submit a ticket.

Anyone know the correct argument?


Hello @omnion ,

As far as I know, the only way to access the submit ticket option is via the client communication icon on the system tray.
But we`ll try to get some information to suffice this query.


Currently the sys try is the only way, but having a desktop icon option is a good idea.

Also option to have link to website as well would be a nice idea too.

Hello @omnion and @StrobeTech,

The ability to create desktop shortcut for all users to submit tickets is currently on the works and our product team is working to prioritize it with the others received.
We will keep you informed for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the roadmap for a delivery.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Check out - create a macro of the process and then export a .exe file which you can then create a shortcut to.

Tiny task is an interesting program, but how to store, download and run inside Itarian is not easy

We store applications in a specific folder on the client desktop, powershell script to grab them from a private web hosting server. Script downloads the app and creates the shortcut in the users\public\desktop.

Fair enough, did think of sharing like that some how.

The only thing I am not sure about tinytask is that it could scare people watching the mouse and keyboard take over and do stuff we recorded, so not great as a silent solution.

I have an old VBS script to create desktop shortcuts, that might be a simple solution as well.

Manually? Just open the portal in the browser first, then drag the “view site information” icon onto the desktop. It will create a shortcut.

Hi @nnsit

I have read your reply a couple times and still not sure what you are saying or how you are solving the issue of placing a shortcut on all users desktop to the Service Desk website or one to the Endpoint Manager submit ticket which is not yet possible.

It is late here so might just be me bing silly and missing something, but any explanation would be great.

You could run a powershell script like this:

Create a Shortcut to Support Site with Windows PowerShell

$TargetFile = “https:\
$ShortcutFile = “$env:Public\Desktop\IT_SUPPORT.lnk”
$WScriptShell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
$Shortcut = $WScriptShell.CreateShortcut($ShortcutFile)
$Shortcut.TargetPath = $TargetFile

Like it, thank you.