Communication Client version inconsistency

The latest available version of the Windows Communication Client (CC) is currently 7.1.42722.22060 (note “722”), as published in Endpoint Manager. But I have 4 endpoints whose CC version is 7.1.42723.22060 (note “723”). The rest of my endpoints are all at 722. The client section of the Audit screen is showing 722 as yellow, and 723 as green.

The endpoints which are shown to be at 723 in Endpoint Manager also show 723 in the tray icon’s About screen.

If I try to update an endpoint whose CC is at 722 (Update Additional Packages), it says the latest version of CC is already installed.

So… what is version 7.1.42723.22060 (723)??? I can’t find any listing for it. What is the actual latest version, and how can I get all my endpoints to this version?

Just out of interest, is this on clients computers or your own test machines?

I’m seeing this on client endpoints, at a couple of different locations.

All my agents are on 7.1.42723.22060
Check your global settings and your device profile - if you have this setting enabled, disable it:

Enable Communication Client to distribute update packages among the clients in the same network to reduce network inbound traffic

Hi minntech,

Thanks for your reply, you got me on the right track.

I checked the global setting to “Enable Communication Client to distribute update packages…” It was disabled, so this was not the cause.

But following your suggestion, I examined the device profiles. I found the endpoints that showed agent version 7.1.42723.22060 (“723”) had a different profile. This custom profile only has sections for remote control and remote tools, it is otherwise empty.

All my other endpoints that have agent version 7.1.42722.22060 (“722”, the “latest” version) have 2 profiles, both set as default:

  • 1: “Windows - Security Level 1 Profile v.7.1”
  • 2: “Remote settings” (my custom profile)
So as a test, I replaced the profile on one of the endpoints with the 2 default profiles, making it the same as all the other endpoints that have agent version 722. What I don’t know is whether this will cause the current agent 723 to be replaced by 722. So far, the agent is still unchanged at 723.

Any suggestions for how to get agent 722 installed, without re-enrolling the endpoint? I found and tried a procedure called “Uninstall and reinstall Communication Client”, but the version remained at 723.

Also, I’m curious about 7.1.42723.22060 (723). Various screens in Endpoint Manager show the latest version to be 7.1.42722.22060. 723 is undocumented.

Who knows. WHen I got to Endpoint Manager, Dashboard, Audit, it states:
Latest version: 7.1.42723.22060

My guess is they don’t communicate minor updates like these although they should. It would be nice to know if it could affect anything with production devices or if we see other odd things on the platform after the updates.

Our policy is to always use the most up to date stable version with any software. I know someone has to iron out the bugs in new releases but personally I would never advise doing that on clients endpoints.