Comodo Advanced End Point - Unable to Whitelist

So i used comodo in the past when it was antivirus and firewall mostly for Comps and servers, Now i get interested in the new productys, went thru a very nice presentation
and took time to aquire the software only to find it doesnt perform up to what i saw.

Being told i would be able to whitelist my folders as i have user’s that run hosted software like Development applications websites and Game servers and their all nearly packed away in specfic folders so that i can white list those folders to not Run Virtually, But thast is not the case, i keep seeing things in Virtualization, whichg means clients cant use their services, and thew rules that i write for it whioch is simply done gets Wiped out after a few minutes.

Ive been scouring this forum for hours on end with EVERYONE having practically the same problem, YET no answers are found Period. it doesnt matter how awesome or great the protections is
if its not customized to suit your situation. and in my situations 100% of my users now suddenly cannot use their services that ive been providing for them, Did i make a bad choice in using comodo products again? how are all these ledged huge companies like activision blizzard, UPS and governments, manage to white list their custom programs and ive been working on this for hours and the rules just dont stick at all and stuff gets sandboxed.

Right now i have alot of angry folks, i have to disable Auto containment which does not fix all the problems and opens a hole in security as well.

What are we doing wrong in whitelisting that AEP keeps resetting the rules back to defaults

Hi Lain,

Sorry for the trouble caused. we asked our backend team to create a support ticket to your registered forum email address and collect the required logs to analyze and guide you in writing rules as per your requirement.

Kind Regards,

For the odd client that this was an issue we’d simply disable the containment and firewall, relying on the windows firewall instead. That doesn’t seem an option that’s available from version as the AV screams constantly that there’s a problem and it needs a restart repeatedly until you reactivate them.