Comodo backup

not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I see that you have a free backup software named comodo backup. I am wondering if this can be implemented and managed via the agent?

Comodo BackUp is not supported going forward. Acronis is.

To extend the explanation, Acronis is also already integrated to Comodo ONE. You can enable it from the application store and start using it for cloud and local back-ups.

Is it only the cloud backup? If you want to backup to a local NAS do you still have to pay monthly?

It supports local back-ups as well. You would only pay for total usage on cloud storage :slight_smile:

Does it still need a CC to do local only? I just want to make sure it wont be billed since I already have the storage onsite.

Hi, It would be good to have a free license version integrated with comodo one for onsite only backups with an upgrade license for cloud storage. At the moment it does requires a license

I agree a free local licence would be nice. Is this possible in the future?

While technically it is possible to use Acronis module only for local back-up for free, our partner has a fair usage policy and requires you to use hybrid solution and use cloud for at least 20% of the back-up storage.

Cloud storage size would be the only part you would be charged for.


So even if we dont use the cloud storage we would have to pay for 20% of the data usage? so if the backup grows our cost grows? is it possible to pay a small monthly fee just for the use of the software and have it not based on cloud storage not being used?


We will check with our technology partner to see if they would allow to use the software for unlimited local back-ups for a small fee.

Thank you.

Cool that would be great. Thanks

Any update on this? Also is it possible to get a trial licence for the acronis to test with?

Please try it with local back-up and let us know if you have need any help :slight_smile:

Can’t see anything on the ‘Buy New Subscription Acronis Back-up’ page about using it for local only, just the monthly prepaid.

Hello @jmitservices,

You need to have a subscription to get the local backup feature of Acronis.

For more information pease visit this link

Start your subscription with postpaid option please. You would be able to try it with local back-up without any cost as long as you don’t back-up to cloud storage.

So post paid wont charge the card on file since we wont be using the cloud storage correct? I want to be sure so I can tell the client backups are included and then not have to bill them later for it. Companies tend not to like that.

This is for trial :slight_smile: not to provide full back-up service your customers. Try it, let us know if you are not happy with any part of it and we can fix it for you. But once you are confident with the solution, you can offer this to your customers and charge them as you wish.

On our part, we would like to see fair usage policy is in place as I mentioned before (

For ongoing usage of only local back-up pricing, we are still in discussion with our technology partner.

Any sort of backup solution is going to have a fair use policy, 20% is not too bad in my opinion. Acronis will need to make this deal worth their while, and the pricing seems good to me. If you want a free solution, it does not integrate, but I am sure comodo would write you a script to automate it, use the built in feature of windows backup. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about free stuff also, but I will be charging for managed backup, it will be an add-on to my solution, and there is plenty of room for profit in the structure. Especially is I usually hold a minimum for the service, and I charge for the service, not the backup.