Comodo breaking the NIC on certain machines.

I posted a report earlier of an issue with Comodo breaking the NIC on certain machines. The problem was blamed on the known issue “Rollback of Comodo Client Security v11.2.0.7313”

However, the issue is happening on customer machines running Comodo Client Security v11.1.0.7259 as well. Again, unchecking the NIC properties “COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver” seems to fix this issue.

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Comodo REALLY needs a super easy way to:

  1. Run a detail report on the client versions of each machine. Currently, the reports will not show this. Only the Dashboard > Audit > “Security Client Version (Windows)” will show only a high-level summary. And the drill down list does not show the client version in the data layout either. How about a simple report that just shows GROUP, MACHINE, COM VERSION, SEC VERSION ?? How hard would that be??

  2. A way to actively and forcefully (and very very easily) update all the clients (com & sec) to the same version. Currently, you have to go machine by machine and run an uninstall script and then machine by machine push out a new install. Why not just have a setting in the RMM defaults that causes machines to update daily to the version approved by the RMM admin?

My $0.02

@nnsit ,

We will make sure your voice is heard. We have made these suggestions available to our Developers for analysis. In regards to your second query, would this functionality suffice your need? Management of Communication and Security Client Versions.

I can confirm that I have also had to shut off the Comodo Firewall driver in the NIC for other versions also. I am going around and turning it off on all my systems, and would just as soon be able to not even have it install.

@Jimmy I guess I can see using this to keep the problem from happening again by preventing updating to teth latest version. But that’s kind of backward thinking. But it won’t help the current problem unless setting a default would cause existing clients to roll back. (nope)

@nnsit ,

You are correct, this process does not automatically rollback the currently installed CCS. What it only does is manage the CCC and CCS updates and postpone an incoming update.

We have had the issue in both versions of CCS too. I believe there’s a problem with the MS Updates as they have caused problems with many AV companies in April.

The problem with FW is that Comodo have issues with it, which they seem to be resolving looking at the latest beta, but MS change the way drivers for FW and AV systems work which also cause problems.

FYI - I got an email from ITarian support that a newly released version “should” fix this issue v

I haven’t tried it yet. With the CFirewall disabled, things are running smoothly. I don’t wanna rock the boat just yet.

That’s perfectly understandable, @nnsit. Feel free to sit back and observe other users test the hotfix first and, when you feel you are up to the task, test it yourself on a few endpoints.

If you do not want to upset your clients do not use the firewall at all, not eve in the new fix.

We have not had any issues yet, but we have only enabled it for MS based only clients, anyone running anything non MS have this disabled currently as there are so many reports of it not working.

Check out the sticky forum about the hotfix to keep up to date.

I have now had 2-3 systems that I had to disable the Comodo Firewall Driver in the NIC properties, with the 11.2.2.xxxx version. I am curious if anyone else has had this problem with the newest release??

Yup, same here. On a recent install with latest CCC and CCS.

Hi @BOSS ,

You can follow the thread below for the hotfix.

Thank you.

I had the issue at a homeless charity today, so had to visit site to fix so people could register for aid etc.

Everything is online these days

latest CCS, same issue…

@MagicDonut ,

We have seen your other post and have sent a support ticket to help you further.