Comodo Cleaning Essential

I got no success.
can someone help me get script - Procedure for:

1=check if %programfiles(x86)%\cce_x86\cce.exe exist
1.1=if not than
1.1.2=extract to %programfiles(x86)%\

2=disable UAC (i think CCE need uac disabled to run without user interaction?)
3=run %programfiles(x86)%\cce_x86\cce.exe -s “m;c;r” -o “ARCHIVE;CAMAS;CAMASTIME=300;Heur=3;MAX=4000;LOGLEVEL=2” -noreboot
3.1= it is possible to run CCE minimised ou better background, so user cant stop it? if yes, than on command.
4=enable UAC

@Purushothaman any help !

Hi @phcsolutions

Great idea! We are working on the script to use CCE without user interaction. We will update you once accomplished.