Comodo Client - Can't Install on Samsung S8

Any plans to add support for the Samsung Galaxy S8? When I use the link from C1 to the Comodo Client in the Play Store, I get the message “your device isn’t compatible with this version”.

Is there an alternative app I should use?

Thank you for your time.

Hello @Jawitt
Comodo ONE (C1) is not targeting specific brands to support but is about the OS platform. Currently, with respect to the Android platform, C1 can only be used on v4.x to v6.x (ICS to Marshmallow). Support for v7.x (Nougat) is planned to be rolled out this Q3 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is shipped with Nougat and cannot be managed (yet) through the C1 platform. There are no alternative app for the Comodo Client in Google Play. So please beware of possible fake apps posing as a C1 alternative.

So we are in Q4 now. My phone will not register yet. Verizon Wireless LGE VS835. Says This app is incompatible with your device. Will this be resolved soon?

Thanks, Vito

Very good, thanks for the update

@TheITGuyz ,

You are welcome. We are going to provide an email notification once a new feature rolls out. Additional news will be posted as well a week ahead for future releases. We thank all of you for contributing to the Comodo community.