Comodo client - communication cannot be removed

  1. for some reason the ITSM stopped communicating with the portal and on the bottom taskbar was just an icon of ITSM. Hovering over it states “connecting to server” but never does
  2. attempted to uninstall it from control panel on windows 10 pro and did not see communication client just saw communication client updater and the CIS (comodo internet security)
  3. used a uninstaller to force uninstall the agent and all folders and registry items were removed
  4. removed updater and CIS through normal build in uninstaller
  5. cleaned all temps and did a registry search with O&O registry editor to fine all the “Comodo” and “ITSM” keys and deleted them.
  6. rebooted and tried to install agent with a new MSI download from the portal and obtained the message: “The older version of COMODO Client - Communication cannot be removed. contact your technical support group.”
  7. we currently do not have an agent or protection on that pc. please advise.

Hi @pushit ,

You first need to delete the device from the portal itself. Please try doing so by following this path:

ITSM Portal > Devices > Device List > Highlight the Device > More > Delete Device.

If that did not do the trick, please use run this script procedure:


the device is not on the platform anymore as it could not communicate i deleted it and tried to enroll again so its not possible

Hello @pushit,

Could you please send us a screenshot of what is displayed on the endpoint? Are there any remaining files from Comodo that you still see/encounter?
Please also send a screenshot of any related errors.

Thank you.

This is exactly what happened to me. All the clients dropped off communication. Had to uninstall and reinstall. They later they would drop off again. The ENTIRE POPULATION of nodes did this. And Itarian says “never heard of that before - not happening to anyone else”. YEAH RIGHT. This was onyl ONE of SEVERAL issues that went unresolved by Itarian support - including the bug that made clients BLUESCREEN when the CCS was installed, and the bug that made all the nodes do a CHKDSK loop or lockup in chkdsk. This is why I left Itarian!

@nnsit ,

We are saddened to hear of these unpleasant experiences from your end. The issue mentioned by @pushit was from an older version of CCC (Comodo Client Communication with a partner software called CCC Updater. After multiple releases (02/26/2018), these 2 had been incorporated into one which is now Endpoint Manager Communication Client. For the normal uninstallation process before, you have to uninstall both CCC and CCC Updater to get the agent redeployed. As for other mentioned issues. Recent hotfix we’re deployed to get these addressed and a new mechanism has been constructed on EM Portal to allow MSPs to maintain specific versions of CCC and CCS as desired.