Comodo Client for Android Howto access App installation page


When I launch the Comodo Client for Android, I get have to options “Messages” and “Notifications”. How can I access the list of available applications for downloading and installing?


Hello @merber,

Good day.

You may access the Endpoint Manager > Application Store for useful applications which can be pushed to iOS, Android and Windows devices. Please refer to the guide link below for the guide and information on how you may search and apply the application to the device.

For the Android Apps and how you may push the application to the device, please see guide link below.

Thank you and please let us know if the given guide works for you.


Thanks for the answer, however, what I ment was for an end user on his Android Phone, how can he access the software catalog for the apps which were not marked mandatory? If the end user opens the Comodo Client on his Android phone, there is no option to access the app catalog to install additional apps in self service.