comodo client securit 10 - no malware detected on


I tested Comodo Client Security 10 (ver. against malware file on and Comodo didn’t find any malwers on that files :frowning:
Link to web site with anti malware testfile:

Microsoft Securit Essential is recognazing that malware without any problem.

Where could be the problem (config,database,wrong algoritm or something else)?

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@andit ,

We have created a support ticket for investigating your report. We will have our Product Developers identify the root cause of your findings and give you an update as soon as possible.



I double checked everyting and found that it was my mistake. Simply notification wasn’t checked and malware was detected but no notification dipslayed. Now is OK.
Log shows that malware files was blocked.
Sorry for my mistake. Next time I will double check :slight_smile:

So COMODO is GREAT, and I’m not :p.

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@andit ,

We are glad that you were able to check those settings. Under the ITSM Portal, possible infection can be monitored .

You would have thought we would catch Eicar :wink: