Comodo Client Security 10

Hi Everyone, I have an Issue where I create a scan schedule in CCS 10, lets says weekly scan on Saturday at 1:00 pm I created a profile for the scan & disabled the default full scan & default quick scan. But when it is time to run the scan profile i created CCS 10 deletes my new scan profile & enables the 2 default scan profiles. then nothing happens. why is this?

Hello @otmtech
It is possible that there is more than one profile (OR the wrong profile) is associated with the device. Please make sure that the custom profile you created is properly assigned to the device. IF there is more than one profile, make sure that the sections included on those profiles do not have conflicting settings. If there are conflicting settings, the most restrictive setting will be in effect.

We suggest that you do not use the premade / preconfigured profiles as your default profile as it is mainly for testing or initial on-boarding of endpoints. You can, of course, assign a new profile after the enrollment of the endpoint(s).

If you have two default profiles, you need to remove one of them and leave only your preferred one?

Not necessarily @PeterHicks. There can be multiple ‘default’ profiles assigned to a device. There will always be a default profile on a per OS platform basis. You can also set up a profile(s) on a per ‘device group/company’ basis. And, of course, you can set up a profile specific to one device only (devices used by VIPs in the company, etc.) which are usually assigned to a separate ‘device subgroup’.