Comodo Client Security and reboots

Why is it that updates to CCS 10 are requiring system reboots? We were previously advised point updates to V10 would not need reboots. Please could you explain if a reboot will be required for each release.

I just updated my laptop to the latest build, again reboot required.

One thing, do they require it, if it is manually installed? or is it simply when you push out from ITSM you are forced to pick a reboot?

are we anywhere with the “release notes section”?

It reboots even when automatically pushed from the console :frowning:

@melih @Ilker @ahmetenes Please see how clearly the release notes for other software products are produced eg

Also, @comodo , which logs will show me exactly what time CCS updated and then rebooted the system?

Hi @nct
The logs are not in txt format so checking the events in the CCS app will be the better option. Start on ‘Tasks’ → ‘Advanced Tasks’ → ‘View Logs’.

Thanks, but what will program updates be listed as?

Hi @nct,

We have made a new development which wouldn’t require immediate reboot on devices if you prefer to suppress. So, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Reboot is required to change driver level files which are in use with Windows. To be able to replace them with new version of the file, we require reboot. With this new feature, we would be holding off replacement of files for next native or user initiated reboot.


Thanks, @Ilker . Please also advise re logs.

That would be nice to access in the ITSM web console. =)

Hi @Noiden ,

We would like to clarify if you want this feature to be included in ITSM?


See the logs from the clients, the ones you find in the CCS.

Please could someone from @comodo confirm where in the logs it will show me the time CCS updated to a new version and then rebooted the system.

Hello @Noiden ,

Thank you for sharing us your insights on this Feature. A feature analysis request had been forwarded to our product development team and we have included you in the correspondence.


Under CCS > Tasks > Advance Tasks > View Logs > Task will show the CCS update to a new version. Te reboot however is not displayed on CCS.