Comodo Client Security - Can you remove interaction away from users?

We are running a trial license version of Comodo Client Security (End Point protection) and I have noticed a number of things concerning to use

1.) users can kill the application by exiting out (right click on icon and choose exit). They can also enable or disable features
This would NOT work for us as we need to have the users to NOT have any interaction with the security whatsoever
Funny thing is that you cant kill it from Task Manager - but they can kill it from a menu item.

2.) Looks like an icon “Shared Space” gets placed on all employees desktops. We would NOT want that either!

Is there a way to prevent these?

@Damon C no problem.

Thanks, I disabled it through the UI Settings, but the Shared Space icon is still there on everyones desktop and they can still get into it

@holmesshanea ,

We are saddened to hear that the recommendations did not resolve your issue. We have created a support ticket to investigate further on your profile settings. Please check your mailbox at your convenience

@holmesshanea if you follow the advice within this wiki it should help you, all my end users are blocked from making changes to Comodo Client Security.