Comodo Client - Security crashing Server Essentials 2012 r2


Sorry if this has been covered before.

I have recently replaced an old DC and Media server with 2 new servers. The old servers were running 2012 r2, Essentials on the DC and Standard on the Media Server. Both enrolled in MSP and the the Comodo A/V package installed.

The new servers are clean installs with the same o/s. Both enrolled ok and the media Server installed and is running A/V with no issues. The Essentials DC however will not respond to any keyboard input after booting so can’t login and about 30 - 60 seconds later the server reboots. If I boot in to safe mode and disable the Comodo Services, the Server will boot. I then cannot uninstall the A/V and have had to use the removal tool.

I have tried this a couple of times now with the same result. Cant find anything of any use in the Event logs.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi, we have created a ticket for you regarding this concern. Please check the email used on this forum for the said ticket and reply on your convenience.


Team is investigating the issue. At the moment we installed Server Essentials 2012 R2 on different environments and trying to reproduce the issue.

I’ll follow up once we’ll have some results.

I have wiped the server and re-setup and the A/V appears to be working ok.

The server is not running right but that is my issue and not anything to do with your software. Looks like rebuild number 4 is on the cards :frowning:

Thanks for you assistance, please close any ongoing investigations.

We understand the outcome of your test. We have closed the support ticket and escalation report to Product Development team as per your request.

Make sure all updates are fully installed. Also make sure hardware software and firmware updates are all completed.

then start adding rolls and features then once the server is in the operating state then roll out the AV.


Is this a physical or VM server ?