Comodo Client Security is Slowing down my systems seriously

i installed CCE on my endpoint from the comodo one msp portal and it was working very fine. Later, it started slowing down my system so i removed it. But as it is, i have need of CCE. so i installed it back and now it’s still dragging my system. It’s using up my system resources. i find it difficult to browse the internet as the browser keeps hanging. I have restarted the system severally with the same issue. Any fix for this?

Hi Charles;

Was there any other antivirus program before CCS and also what are your system info on the enduser machines. Are there full antivirus scans going on with CCS?

well i’ve always had forticlient for like forever, but i’m uninstalling it now. Although before they both were not conflicting. i have an 8 gb ram 1tb storage endpoint. full scans are not on going at the moment. i’ll reply you as soon as i finish uninstalling forticlient and restarting my endpoint.

it seems this dragging is happening with just my google chrome browser. my internet is super fast …but in task manager, CCS seems to be consuming up to 20 % of my processor. my processor is intel core i5.

Hi Charles;

Is there a full scan going on? Could you check if a full scan is present? If there are no full scans, CCS may be doing trusted application check on your system. This may take a while. If this slowness continues we can escalate the situation to the dev. team or support team.

Oddly enough, everything’s fine, the forticlient could not uninstall but i don’t know how it got to start working…thanks @serhat.ince

Hi Charles;
It must be because of the Comodo services such as Containment and HIPS and also Valkyrie looking at uncategorized applications, applications that don’t have digital signings with a code signing certificate. After the initial installation and deployment, CCS works like a charm. :slight_smile: very good to hear your issue is resolved.

This is quite embarassing but the problem is back. No full scans, no third party av. it affects only my browsing the internet, tabs keep hanging and dragging. I might still use a little help here…thanks! @serhat.ince

What is your browser Charles, what is your DNS settings, maybe its an error on ISP side?

Certainly not…i use chrome and my dns i set in AD. I’m currently battling with this as i struggled to load this page. when i had this issue before, i uninstalled the antivirus and everything was fine. i installed it back yesterday and the whole issue started again. It’s seriously dragging the browser, even internet explorer and microsoft edge. I would appreciate more help here, we have proposed this to a client and are set to roll it out soon. I don’t know how to explain this to them.

Hello @chales ,

We have contacted you over email regarding this case. Looking forward to your reply.


When I was deploying the AV on test pcs (Win7-x64 and WinXP), the file cavwp.exe uses a lot of CPU resources from 10% to 64%, there were not any AVs from other vendors and the AV was not excecuting any task like Full or Quick Scanning, what I have noticed is that the system gets slowed down when the file in charge to update excecutes but once it finished the resources get freed.

On the other hand, what I have found out on the Win7-X64 test PC is that the file cavwp.exe consume a lot of CPU/RAM (RAM is 240MB, CPU usage 64%) resources and it is because the initial quick scan (automatically) and the Rating Scan (automatically), What I have done is to run Full Scan and Rating Quick Scan manually and then restart the PC.

After restarting the PC now resources are avaliable up to 74% and the file cavwp.exe is not using that much CPU resources on the tested pc (Win7), the RAM used is 1936KB.

There should be some kind of procedure when deploying the AV Agent.