Comodo Client Security Locking up File Explorer when previewing

I have a number of clients that are complaining about File Explorer locking up when they left click on a PDF in preview mode. They are not opening the pdf, but only previewing. Once I uninstall Comodo Client Security, the issue disappears. Are you, iTarian aware of this issue? And if so, can it be resolved while still having Comodo Client Security installed?

Which PDF software are you using?

I have used Adobe reader, adobe acrobat and Foxit. It doesn’t seem to matter which pdf reader I use, it still locks up.

Try testing with the default level 1 profile on one of the machines to see if you get the same issue.

Which version of Comodo Client Security are you running? I am not experiencing the issue with

I applied the default level 1 profile and it still causes a lockup. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Comodo security and it still is an issue.

I’m using the latest version of the comodo security client…just installed.

@davcomp that is strange. Did you uninstall the EPP with Comodo removal tool?
Also is there any other security software installed on the machines?

No other security installed. I just uninstalled it from Windows App remove. It is happening on 5 of 30 computers in an office (that i know of)