COMODO Client - Security on Ubuntu 18.04 removed PHP and other stuff

I’m a bit pissed right now.

I’ve installed the COMODO Client - Security on a Ubuntu 18.04 System and after that all Services installed and managed by has been removed!

Seriously! How can YOU decide what Services I WANT TO RUN?!
At least it hasn’t deleted my Databases!

Hello @datatainment,

Good day and we appreciate for bringing the issue to our attention. The Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) is not yet supported and we cannot guarantee a flawless operation on the mentioned operating system. We do have an ongoing feature to fully support the Ubuntu 18.04. We will add you in the email update for this request to be notified with the latest update and information. Thank you

Why is the CCS installable on such systems?

How can I safely remove it?

How can I restore the previous state?

“Package ccs not installed” when trying your command.

Hello @datatainment,

We appreciate for sharing the result of the command on your environment. We have responded to the support ticket to further investigate the issue that you have encountered. Please feel free to respond to the support ticket. Thank you

Why do you not want to discuss this here here in public?

don’t you think it could be a useful information for other in the same situation?

And by the way:

I guess it’ll break also a 16.04 system managed by

Hello @datatainment,

We appreciate for responding to the support ticket. Indeed this information will be useful to others hence other than the screenshot of the error, we also requested another information which is not necessary to be posted or requested here in the forum page.

Allow me to share the output of the command from one of our test device.

We will further investigate the cause of the error that you have encountered and relay the update via this forum page. Thank you