Comodo Client Security Release (10/05/2018)

Hello everyone,

As we already informed, we will release the new version of Comodo Client Security tomorrow(10/05/2018). Here are the updates that will take place with this release:

Comodo Client Security

  • ELAM compatibility. Upcoming versions of Windows 10 require all applications to be compatible with Windows ELAM technology (Early Launch Anti-Malware). We have completed the required updates to CCS, ensuring a hassle-free transition for your endpoints when ELAM is rolled out
  • Faster and smoother CCS experience. CCS file rating has been optimized to decrease the time it takes to check file rating. This means your applications will open faster while still enjoying the security provided by the rating system.
  • Improved stability and security. We have increased the security framework around CCS and its processes. By better protecting CCS itself, we improve its ability to provide protection and stability to the rest of the managed endpoint
  • Increased performance. Comprehensive design improvements mean that CCS resource consumption is now lower than ever. Your endpoints will become nimble and quicker while still benefiting from the robust protection delivered by CCS.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby some Windows components were being contained by CCS.
  • Fixed issue where applications launched slowly for some users when containment is enabled.
Version: Windows Client - Security

Best regards

Comodo ONE Product Management Team

What time is this being released?

@dittoit Already released and updated on my machine. According the status page the update was scheduled for: May 10, 2018 6:00:00 AM UTC +1

yes, just pushed to mine, not sure if the performance problems have been resolved, its having some affect on my laptop.

@dittoit ,

Can you confirm if some other endpoints are showing the same behavior?

The security update is worse for file rating, apps now take an additional 2-3 seconds launching.

Have pushed it out to 3 devices and only 2 have picked it up… Same story we get all the time!
Hoping that the new policy we are looking at pushing with updates configured in it actually does the trick instead

Every PC I have pushed the CCS update to has updated OK. Circa 20 Windows PCs.

Pushed to 7 devices…none have picked it up.

@netzbahn ,

Thank you for lettings us know We have sent a support ticket in response to your email. Please check your mailbox at your convenience

A lot of ours have now picked up, but not everyone so wondering if machines busy or Internet issues at the check times

Yeah, definitely seems slower now to update PCs than last week.

@StrobeTech @nct ,

We have communicated with our Development team about this reported issue and are awaiting their feedback.