Comodo Client - Security - Update Popups

Hello everyone!

We have been getting a lot of reports from our users about popups from Comodo for updates.

I have seen this issue occur across multiple users with many more reporting in where it will ask for updates and if you proceed to update, it will appear as if it is updating but it does not process all the way through. If you close the window to proceed, the popup will appear again within 15 mins and at other times even less than 15 mins, asking you to update again.

Besides end user versions, this issue is also occurring on most if not all of our servers where the server version is installed. It seems only a restart will resolve the issue, but with critical backbone systems like servers, restarts do not come easy.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Does anyone know what is causing this because I need to write a report for my manager and I do not know what to say.

Thank you.


A restart has a addressed the issue for our users. The upgrade to CCS is major, from V8 to V10 and it’s not unusual for a large s/w update to require a restart.

@nct Thanks for your input!

Yes, a restart has also addressed the issue for us but I’ve had to disable Comodo on the server until I can schedule a restart during off hours. It’s a bit frustrating but at the same time understandable.

Depending on the size of client, I have recently started to explain the update needs installing and your support contract is for working hours only. Most clients then allow the server to be restarted when most staff are on lunch. For others we try to arrange at the end of the working day.

Hello @Ming
In addition to what the others have mentioned, if the Comodo Client Security (CCS) notifications would still come up even after a PC restart, please make sure that CCS is fully updated and then restart the PC again. Last resort options would be to reinstall CCS or re-enroll the endpoint.

For the servers that cannot be restarted during regular operation hours, you can schedule the restart by way of adjusting the settings in the assigned Profile.

Please check the Profile assigned to the server. Edit the Updates section. Adjust the ‘Update frequency’ and ‘Reboot options’ section to your preference.

@Rick_C @nct

Thank you both for the recommendations. We’ve restarted the server but the performance has severely degraded. I had to deactivate the anti-virus portion to resume normal operation.

I’m also getting a few reports that the client version is also slowing down the particular program that the server hosts.

Does anyone by any chance have any experience with Sage 100 ERP?


Hello @Ming ,

Our product developers have confirmed that this issue had been addressed with their utmost urgency. What issues are you facing with the SAGE ERP? We can raise a support ticket for any Comodo One related issues with third party applications. You can send us an email @ so that we can address it as soon as possible.


We have been performing further tests on our server and it looks like Comodo re-enables itself after being deactivated. We may have to completely uninstall it for the time being.

Thank you for your input, I will send support an email if we continue to experience issues.


@Ming We have a client using Sage 100 and they have not reported any issues about speed degradation. I’d suggest, if you haven’t already, you exclude Sage from virus checking. See…rticleid=12122


We’ve had suggestions from Sage consultants to exclude the directories for Sage, but after excluding the entire drive, the performance issue persists.
We’ve uninstalled the AV and will be considering another.



I am sure we can fix it. I will get our best guys on this to see what the issue is and fix it asap.

@Ming have you made the exclusions on the server in addition to the workstations? It’s also important to exclude the various application folders used by Sage and not just the data itself.