Comodo Client Security Version

Good day to all today Comodo released a new version of Comodo Internet Security Premium v12.0.0.6882 this version fixed

  • Vulnerabilities reported by Tenable CVE-2019-3969, CVE-2019-3970, CVE-2019-3971, CVE-2019-3972, CVE-2019-3973 my question is very simple does Comodo Client Security Version is vulnerable to this ? or has this been already prevented in Comodo Client Security Version ? . Thank you very much !.

@duarte236 ,

Our Development Team had announced an earlier post in preparation for the aforementioned article. You can check it here.

Hello thank you for your answer , for what i have read i assume that the fix released on the 29 july fixed this ? im i right ? than you!

@duarte236 ,

You are correct.

Thank you again !

I hope that Comodo reached out to Tenable letting them know that a patch was released or is Comodo still working on a patch for the consumer side?

The product development team have indeed reached out to David Wells, the Tenable ‘analyst’ who published the ‘Multiple Vulnerabilities’ found in the Comodo Antivirus. The team has yet to receive a reply from him though. The fix has been made available to both the Enterprise and Consumer versions of the Comodo antivirus.

Comodo Client Security Vulnerability Patched with Latest Hotfix

Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6882 – Released