Comodo Client Security vs Advanced EP. Same? Or is CCS the engine for AEP?

I’m just getting started here and in the list of devices I installed the Endpoint Manager on, the dashboard indicated that the CCS wasn’t installed. So I installed it on 5 of the 7 devices. And then I’m poking around the other consoles and I get to License Management/License Allocations/Customer details/Related Licenses and it says there are 5 unlicensed devices.

So I’m a little confused about what’s what. The CCS can be a part of the initial installation, even the default setting is Install and Enroll (vs just Install), but there is a totally separate area to go to purchase the Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Sooo, why is the CCS essentially included with the base install, but it gets flagged as being an unlicensed device? Does installing CCS actually install, (or maybe actually is), AEP, and you just need to go purchase the licenses for it after you install it?

TIA, Mike

Hi @jmiker ,

Welcome onboard :slight_smile:

Advanced Endpoint Protection is not a product, it is a concept that every our competitor use. Our concept is AEP but our product name is Comodo Client Security. (Just like ITSM, it is a concept not a product, that is why we are calling Endpoint Manager in our Platform) If you search “Advanced Endpoint Protection” you can see all our competitors website on the search results since they have provide this concept as well. Comodo Client Security is our AEP product’s name.

Sorry for the confusion. You can reach us for your any questions and feedback.

Product Management Team.

Ok, CCS is your advanced endpoint protection. That’s exactly what I needed to understand. Thanks.