Comodo Client - Security

Is the Comodo Client - Security program completely free or is it actually the Advanced Endpoint Protection and I am getting 30 days free?

If they are separate products what are the differences?

Also if I need to upgrade to Premium to get AEP do I need to do this for all users or can I select which companies can be on that membership?

Hi @enigmait,

Comodo Client Security and Advanced Endpoint Protection are essentially the same products, they are just named differently. Both offer the same protection however one is for MSP partners (CCS) and another is for our Enterprise (AEP) clients.

The protection of the endpoints included with signing up for these partnerships include a 1-year free subscription of their respective protection software. You can renew your license or purchase the premium protection before the year of subscription ends.

You can learn more about our endpoint security here:

We also have a tabular list of features of what Comodo Internet Security offers here:

For your second inquiry, you can upgrade to a Premium protection product and integrate the license with the platform. For individual distribution of the premium licenses, the support team is currently working on micro-managing these licenses for each company.


Say I have 50 devices in total with 3 companies but I only want 25 from those using premium CCS, 10 from company A and 15 from company B, will I be able to assign the premium CCS individually?

Hi @edoibsb,

As of now, we are still not able to manage premium CCS to individual endpoints but we are already aware about this concern. The feature request for this matter is already on our road map.