Comodo client 'submit ticket'

Place a mandatory field in ‘Submit Ticket’ for the user to enter their email.
Multiple users sit at the same computer and responding to the user who submitted the ticket seems like a no-brainer.
The ‘owner’ of the device may not be the one submitting the ticket.

We thank you for posting out this suggestion. We’ll make sure to have our Developers look on this addition and provide you a feedback of their output.

We raised this a long time ago, please add this as it is a pain and basically stops using being able to use the CCC Submit method.

It shouldn’t be mandatory.
This feature should be a box with the stand-in text displaying the current users name.
Something like “Ticket will be submitted as request for [current profile username matched to active directory]”
People should be logging on to their own profile, but in instance where they don’t, they can type their name, if not found, the next option should be “new user” in which case then yes, they have to provide an e-mail address.
To keep the experience for the users as simple and user-friendly as possible, it should see if the current user exists and if it does, then simply display their name so they know it’s submitting the ticket under the correct name.
This would also be useful for instances where someone is told to submit a ticket by their superior. They can just replace their name with their bosses name or the person replacing them next shift and the technician will be able to follow up with the appropriate person.

@Mike_d ,

We thank you for these valuable inputs. These improvements are indeed helpful. We have sent these ideas to our Product Developers and we’ll gladly provide you of their feedback of the possibilities of these improvements arriving in production environment.

I have one customer who pretty much has the same login on every machine… This is because users hot desk… So this would allow us to actually use the submit ticket with this customer

I agree people should be logging into a computer as themselves; but a different user / owner for each device inside Endpoint Manager it not a great idea or even possible with the ability of hot desking these days.

We setup one user for each company as a minimum, and then we sometimes look at creating additional accounts for directors as they might have a few devices like a desktop, laptop and phone; and generally these people do not hot desk.

@StrobeTech One user for each company for the purpose of logging tickets? Do your clients log via the ITSM Itarian CC agent or through a portal usually?

Hi @nct

We inside Itarian have a company setup for each client which links through each part of the platform.

We then inside Endpoint Manager have one user per company, this user is then used to deploy the agent to each device.

Inside Service Desk each user have their own account linked to the company via their email address.

We do this as people roam from machine to machine, so deploying a PC to a user account in Endpoint Manager does not make sense.

This thread has been around a while. Any updates? As other posters have said, this stops us from having users submit tickets through the EP widget as we can’t directly respond to the EU by replying to that ticket without looking up their email address and amending the ticket.

roaming machines will never be easy; but a feature for the user to enter their email and name on the submit ticket would solve this

As of this post @amcssit, we do not have new updates for this thread’s specific feature request/improvement. The product development team still has this listed under the product roadmap’s long-term implementation timeline.

@Rick_C that’s a shame as it’s preventing a really useful feature, and indeed the Service Desk itself, from being used to its full potential.