Comodo Client updating

Hi, trying the new feature of Event Viewer I noted that it is not available because most of my endpoint manager comunication clients are not updated.

  1. Is there any way to make the update automatic?

  2. In only some endpoints I see a “COMODO Client - Communication Updater software”. What is it for? Has been deprecated?

  3. What is the fastest way to list the outdated comunication clients and to update them?

  4. Why does the Comodo communication clients not appear among the third-party software parts that require updating in the Patch Management application?

Thank you

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Thank you very much.

Hi, nothing seems to work. Despite setting a newer version of the client as the default and enabling automatic update in the profile nothing happens: the clients remain old. I have also tried manually forcing the update as shown in the screenshot but the client does not get updated. I will have to manually download and reinstall the latest client on each endpoint.

Hi @datalink

You need to untick the option to use the default allowing you to override the default with the latest version for the upgrade / install.

Nothing works. Tick, untik, selecting manually from the the version list the latest one (…2390): the endpoint client remains the 2360 version. I have to manually downloade it into the endpoint, rename and install it. Only after that the client appears being updated and I can use the Event Viewer feature


Something not right here.
Do you have other devices having the same issue with agent updates?

If so, can you raise a support ticket with our team via
They will need the following information: -

  • Name of device with the issues
  • Copy of logs from device (run script in ITarian to collect C1 logs and upload via FTP)
  • Export of profiles assigned to the device

Yes some other devices have the same problem, they don’t update. The msi installation log reports : “Communication Client - Updating” and the info details as shown below but the client keeps not getting updated. I’ll open a support ticket.

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Hi, I’,m preparing the info to send to the support. How does Collect C1 logs script work ? Does it send the logs directly to Comodo ftp server?

It runs and uploads all the logs to support’s SFTP server, you’ll then need to open a support ticket and include the machine name to allow them to locate the logs.

Please check if your profile for this machine has client updates enabled, if it does, disable it as follows:

Edit profile → Client Updates → Updates and disable that option. Restart ITSMService service or reboot the machine and try updating again.

Thank you, but unfortunately that doesn’t work either. The client is not updating. I have sent the logs to support.

Have you been able to create the support ticket?

Yes and they solved the issue. The solution was to disable the feature “Enable Communication Client to distribute update packages among the clients in the same network to reduce network inbound traffic” both from the profile and the portal setting and to restart the itsmservice. I guess problems with some ports blocked.

Thank you all